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Wed, 11th Feb. 2009, 02:15
- Journey Through Nature -

My blogs had been silent for quite some time and so was the website which didn't see any new images since October 2008. To many things to look into lead me to a busy schedule followed by a bit of issues with the web gallery service provider with whom I was hosting all my images before. I wanted to come up with something new in presentation and have a flexible platform to showcase all my images and also express my thoughts in the form of blogs and articles. I had lot of options to choose and eventually I ended up with a new home for all my photography work.

Journey Through Nature

JourneyThroughNature (JTN) will be the new shelter where you can get to see what I shoot and what i write. It was a tough decision in choosing the right domain name and after months of breaking head on various combination of alphabets and phrases I decided i would call my site with a name which describes what I do to get those images to the viewers.

Going forward www.shivakumar.net will move on to become a more technical website with more emphasis on writings with respect to what I do for my living. That said, my wildlife and photography blog www.beyondshotz.wordpress.com also had to move to a new place and that sits now inside the new site. I am yet to migrate the travel photo portfolio of my images - which should be done soon.

JTN is currently updated with my Bharatpur images from November 08 trip - the trip report for which is still due, I hope to take it up soon. Over the coming days you will see some new things and some different things with respect to my photography - which includes some audio visual presentations,  more images from Bharatpur ( yes Saurus Cranes to be particular ),  primates from the westernghats, and technical articles on photography. All these and more lined up for the coming days, so please stay tuned and do come back for more updates on JTN.

The journey is not complete without inputs from you guys, please let me know your feedback on what you need to see and what I can do better is most welcome.

Looking forward for your company in my new journey...

Tue, 10th Feb. 2009 23:52 (UTC)

Cool Man ! All the best

Wed, 11th Feb. 2009 06:01 (UTC)

fantastic! its faster and much better! Images rock as usual :)

Wed, 11th Feb. 2009 09:37 (UTC)

Hello hello Mr GMS (Getting Married Soon)! What news? Missed you at the Wildscreen Festival. It was very good.

Wed, 11th Feb. 2009 09:36 (UTC)

Shiva, I am unable to add this subscription to my Google Reader, why is this? Help!!

Wed, 11th Feb. 2009 09:49 (UTC)

Very good stuff.