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Thu, 27th Aug. 2009, 11:00
BPC presents "Frames of Mind 2009"

BPC - Frames of Mind 2009

Bangalore Photography Clubs most awaited annual photography event - Frames of Mind 2009

Am participating for the first time in this event with 2 of my photographs.

Venue: Chitra Kala Parishad, Bangalore
Date: 28th Aug to 30 Aug
Timings: 10:30am to 07:30pm

Be there and make this event a grand success.

For more details : www.bangalorephotographyclub.com

Sun, 10th May. 2009, 09:05
- a different kind of a journey -

Life has made some progress and has decided to move on. After 51 long months with the place where i first started my professional career, i decided to bid good bye and head towards a new place. From monday it will be altogether a different and a new journey. New place - New people - new work. Mind is excited about all the new challenges that life is set to expect, but heart still misses the good old times spent at former.

Thank you and Miss you.

Wed, 22nd Apr. 2009, 21:14
Elections 2009

Stop Cribbing - Stop Crying - Stop Complaining

Its time to act and Its time to Choose an able Leader for the country

Remember we are in a Democratic country

Every vote will make a difference

Please vote
 23-04-2009 : 7am to 6pm

Sun, 12th Apr. 2009, 22:51
Spotted Owlets from Bharatpur

Spotted_Owlet | Bharatpur


Sat, 21st Mar. 2009, 23:36
Water Sculptures on JTN

New post about WaterSculpture online in JTN _Blogs > http://journeythroughnature.com/blog/?p=67

RSS Feed for JTN Blog is now available through feedburner > http://feeds2.feedburner.com/journeythroughnature

Sun, 15th Mar. 2009, 00:10
BSNL woes !!

From past 1 week the BSNL ( yes Bharath Sanchar Nigam Limited ) internet connection has made me loose enough temper with regard to the quality of connection and the customer service it has provided to me.

Check out the snippets.

BSNL CSRs THE GREATCollapse )Outcome of the screenplay : The net connection is still lousy and keeps going on and off ( still not able to make out the color of ADLS LED when its off ! ).

Sun, 15th Mar. 2009, 00:05
Atlast ! ! !


Atlast after 2 months i finally get time to process and post my Valparai pics on my site. But off late what kept me frustrated was the terribly aweful BSNL net connection ( see next post if you really want to feel how i felt during last one week )

For more images from Valparai visit > Valparai 2009 @ JTN

Sat, 28th Feb. 2009, 12:23
Rosy - First Time

Had been listening to a rather strange but def new sounds everyday morning from past few days - but today being saturday had a change to go to terrace and try to find out what they were.

To my surprise the 2 trees in front of my house are flooded with Rosy Starlings.

Getting too tempted to try out something with the camera. :) 

More later ....

Wed, 11th Feb. 2009, 02:15
- Journey Through Nature -

My blogs had been silent for quite some time and so was the website which didn't see any new images since October 2008. To many things to look into lead me to a busy schedule followed by a bit of issues with the web gallery service provider with whom I was hosting all my images before. I wanted to come up with something new in presentation and have a flexible platform to showcase all my images and also express my thoughts in the form of blogs and articles. I had lot of options to choose and eventually I ended up with a new home for all my photography work.

Journey Through Nature

JourneyThroughNature (JTN) will be the new shelter where you can get to see what I shoot and what i write. It was a tough decision in choosing the right domain name and after months of breaking head on various combination of alphabets and phrases I decided i would call my site with a name which describes what I do to get those images to the viewers.

Going forward www.shivakumar.net will move on to become a more technical website with more emphasis on writings with respect to what I do for my living. That said, my wildlife and photography blog www.beyondshotz.wordpress.com also had to move to a new place and that sits now inside the new site. I am yet to migrate the travel photo portfolio of my images - which should be done soon.

JTN is currently updated with my Bharatpur images from November 08 trip - the trip report for which is still due, I hope to take it up soon. Over the coming days you will see some new things and some different things with respect to my photography - which includes some audio visual presentations,  more images from Bharatpur ( yes Saurus Cranes to be particular ),  primates from the westernghats, and technical articles on photography. All these and more lined up for the coming days, so please stay tuned and do come back for more updates on JTN.

The journey is not complete without inputs from you guys, please let me know your feedback on what you need to see and what I can do better is most welcome.

Looking forward for your company in my new journey...

Sun, 8th Feb. 2009, 21:31

Experience is the best teacher of all.
And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist.
Only the journey matters.

Sat, 7th Feb. 2009, 22:14

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Fri, 6th Feb. 2009, 22:45

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome

Thu, 5th Feb. 2009, 21:48

A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step

Sun, 1st Feb. 2009, 10:16
" Landscape - Wizards "

- Landscape Wizards -

The wait is over ... the change is here.

Wed, 28th Jan. 2009, 22:05
- Landscape Wizards -


It was a Vision - It was a Dream - It was an Effort to put across something which is very less seen or felt of. A Journey which started during the monsoon of 2008. The Kid will see the world soon. Keep watching this space for more.

Its a Vision with a Mission & we are gonna leave the trails behind

Sat, 10th Jan. 2009, 15:57
- Vroom Vroom : GONE ! -

After the exit of HONDA from F1 and SUZUKI & SUBARU from Moto Rally its now KAWASAKI's exit from Moto GP. Global economic problems affecting sports industry as well. Not sure where the world is headed to now.

Sat, 10th Jan. 2009, 15:38
- Truth Hurts -


One of the Top 5 IT Solutions provider of the country, One of the Top 3 recruiters of the country and now in news for for not so good reasons. Everybody across the world now know the country's biggest case of fraud in IT industry. On one side there is global recession and all that stuff happening and thousands of of people loosing out jobs every day and and over here there is destiny of 53,000 people left nowwhere with their fate to decide what next for them. Its really take a lot of courage and heavy heartedness by a person of Ramalinga Raju's caliber to solely come up with a declaration overnight admitting a mistake which his company has done for over several years in front of the world. Lot of +ve and -ve statements have been thrown back at him and his company over the last few days. But all said - we need to just hope that everything ends well with those employees who have to now pay the price for no mistake of theirs.

Sun, 4th Jan. 2009, 17:31
- Happiness in Giving -

Mother's Love

Well things have been a bit silent from my end from past few weeks. Loads of things to do and concentrate on. Did take a small break in form of Kodachadri - but it ended up as a tiring trip than a relaxation one :) - but nevertheless i liked it a lot and it was definitely a wonderful way to end 2008 for me. 2008 was a mixed bag of emotions and it was filled with lot of travel, surprises, ups and downs, lot of new things lot of things left half way, lots of things which triggered thoughts & planning for 2009.

Career wise it was a bit stagnant and not much change in the things that i am doing. Travel wise had been very busy - Right from Kerala in Jan to Ooty in Feb, Daroji in March to Pangot in Oct and the mesmerising Bharaptur in Nov to tiring Kodachadri in Dec it was just too fantastic. Photography wise it was very much predictable and "ok ok" sorts. Along with fellow like minded friends started up www.CreativeNaturePhotography.net which is going well now and am really proud of that. A nice little accident to spice up things at the end of year and lots more.

Loads to say about 2008 but probably sometime later. Loads of Dreams, Loads of Aspirations, Loads of  Desires and Lots of Hopes for 2009.

2009 infact has started of on a mixed note ( just a 4 day observation ). The first day of the year was spent in a very memorable way with some small children who wanted someone to hear to them. I actually felt a lot different after meeting them and performing activities which we had planned for quite some time now. We do get lot of things and take things from so many of our near and dear ones but for a change giving it out to others who are in need of things made it really nice for me. And yes there is indeed a lot of Happiness and satisifcation in giving which cant be described in words.

Third day of the year has been a disastrous with respect to gadget - my iPOD went in for a wash and unlike my watch which came out healthy and working - the destiny was not the same for ipod. I need to start searching for the mysterious Apple service centre in Blr now to get this thing sorted out at the earliest.

Hope 2009 stays as good as it can and with it gives everyone a lot of success prosperity and happiness.

Wish everyone a very happy 2009.

Sun, 28th Dec. 2008, 19:48
- Kodachadri; a trekking paradise -

Just In

2008 was about to end and I was sitting all alone at home on Christmas long weekend thinking of what to do for the next 4 days. I was very keen on making a very memorable end to the year that was full of ups and downs and surprises for me [ i had planned couple of trips for this 4 days long weekend with friends but had to cancel those due to some of the key elements that was missing for my birding trips :) ]. I got a call from Pradeep & he told about his plan for Kodachadri trek, I took some time but finally decided that i will go for this one as proper trekking is something which i hadnt done from quite some time. The initial plan was to drive down in either of our cars but later we decided to go in bus as the time was less and it required over night driving which both of us were not keen on. Couple of my friends were already there in Manipal ( close to Udupi ) as they opted to drive down on their Bullets. Myself, Pradeep and Madhu boarded the 10pm Aairavatha to Udupi and landed in Uduip @ around 730 in morning after a slippery and spine crushing journey. Within a matter of 10-15 mins we were in Manipal and Ajay was waiting for us. After a quick round of freshning up and a delicious breakfast at Vatsa's (Ajay's cousin) house, we started off towards Kollur in a local bus which took a whooping 3 hrs to reach the place. We had two trekking routes in mind

a. Karrakatte gate route
b. Marakutuka route

Realising that Karrakatte is the nearest one to Kollur we took a rickshaw and landed in Karrakatte gate and were shocked to see a group of about 50 youngsters from all across south being lead by a private mountaineering club from Mysore. Wasting no time we started our walk and at the begining after travelling for about 4+ kms along a jeep road i felt that this will be a very easy trek. Our hungry stomach was treated with a slightly expensive but fresh and hot idly and pottu at the Kaka shop which apparently is the only source of food in betweent the start and end point. Once done with the formality lunch and a big tumbler of refreshing lime juice we continued further. Ajay at this point showed his finger a distant hill and told thats the place we will be reaching in the next 2 hrs and i just sunk to my knees wondering if i will really be able to make it there. Every 15 - 20 mins we walked the gradient became more and more steep and each one of us were gasping for breath and it looked really impractical for us to finish the trek in the estimated 2.5hrs time ( we were suppose to be at Sunset point by 5pm ). Ajay kept on motivating all of us that we will hit a valley where we can take some photographs as well as trek will become easy ( all of us trusted him because he had already been here ) - but we later realised that it was way of keeping us charged through the uphill task. We eventually reached the summit by 5:30 which was about 3.5hs of uphill walk and all thanks to my beautiful planning i was trekking with a massive bag packed with couple of cameras and a set of lenses and to add to the woes a tripod bag as well. A quick sip of hot coffee at the Bhattara Mane and I had Ajay in front of me wearing my camera bag and waiting for me to continue for another 30mins walk to the Sunset point. Everyone of us were very keen on seeing the sunset but the batteries within us were more than dead to fulfil this. We eventually made it to the Sunset point and spent some time relaxing on top of rocks with a cold breeze watching the sun go down and bidding goodbye to hundreds of people who were there just for a glimpse of this moment.

We came back to Bhattara mane where our accomodation was booked and were waiting the 50 young over energetic NCC cadets from Mangalore to go out for their campfire so that we can have our dinner peacefully and sleep for the day. We did have a nice dinner but even before we could realise that we had slept the chaps got up at 330 in morning and playing songs in all languages and were singing along to wake up their friends. With no other option we got up from our beds and pickedup the camera and headed towards the Sunrise points but Madhavi stayed back for another couple of hours of good sleep. Initially we were misguided by the Auto driver that sunrise happens at 230am in morning - but it was 630 and we could sense not even a hint of light. But at last he didnt make us wait for long and just came peeping from behind the cloud cladded mountains and the sight was the moment to cherish for long.  Within moments the entire regions was lit with golden light and the place looked like a golden carpet. A cold breeze which started made the best morning i had ever witnessed.

When we were waiting for our turns to head towards the dining hall for breakfast - the main caretaker of the Bhattara mane who happens to the sister of the main Bhattru in the place briefed us about the history of the place and how the name came for Kodachadri. The stories ran all the way from the point where research was made to determine the material in which the Trishul was made ( used by Mookambika to kill Mookasura ) till the modern day stories about Gaalipata movie which was shot in this very place ( Gaalipata was actually shot in an adjacent hill next to the main Kodachadri hill. This place can be seen from the resting place from Bhattara mane with the aid of a flag which is kept in this place ).

We started our downhill trek at 9am and were on target to reach the Kaka shop within 1hr. Though down hill the walk is not that easy and at time we got split up had tough time walking through dense forest all alone. The occasional calls of the langur and gaurs made the walk really scarry. We initially didnt knew the route to Arashinagundi falls but with help of a local person we found the route to the place ( rather halfway ). We were asked by everyone not to take the route without the help of a guide but we rejected the suggestion thinking that its a marketing gimmik to promote guides. But only after we got lost deep inside the jungle with a stream in front of us and not even a hit of trail in front us us made us realise our mistake. The walk to the stream was about 3 km and was a steep downhill and walking back was next to impossible with the state that we were in. From nowhere another team of techies from Bangalore came down with a guide and they took us along the stream to a narrow passage ( which only guide can see and no one who is new to the place can recognise ) which lead to a 1km uphill trek. This apparently started as one of toughest part of our trek. With absolutely no energy it was becoming difficult every step. Atlast we were there every drop of sweat that was shedded by us during the past 2 hrs paid of like anything. The place in which the falls is situated is a paradise in itself. Nested in between thick evergreen forest amidst tall hills the massive falls gives way to one of the best visual experience on can get. I decided not to take out my camera but to spend all my time sitting on a rock below the falls and enjoy the sheet beauty of the place ( this apparently is one of the best decisions i have ever made even when i had my camera with me ). If one just closes his/her eyes and listen to the numerous birds that were chirping with the roaring water sound as background, gives a very soothing touch to the mind.

Manju ( person who guided us to the falls ) told us that its about 8kms from falls to Kollur and there is no other option other than walking. He also told that its a down hill walk after a small 1km steep walk. What was waiting for us in this short 1km trek was the toughest experience for all 5 us. With no trace of water in our bottle, emptly stomachs, absolutely worn out body gasping for air every step we take - it was looking like  never ending walk. People started getting breathing problems due to stress and standing still for about 5 secs also looked impossible. We kept on dragging until we finished at Kollur in one piece. Had a teaser in form of Tender coconut and then headed towards a hotel opp to the Kollur Mookambika temple for our lunch at 6pm :) 

We had to rush to Udupi and had no option to waste our time as we had a prebooked bus at 930pm back to bangalore and most of this time in bus was spent sleeping away to glory in terrible pain. We got a buffer of 30mins ( thanks to the fast bus from Kollur to Udupi ) we got some to have dinner at the famous Hotel Diana. Sharp 930pm the aairawata was waiting for us to take 3 of us back to Bangalore. And all that i remember after boarding the bus was me wearing my iPod and next time i opened my eyes i was just couple of mins away from Bangalore bus stand :) It took a bit of effort for me to get up from the seat to get down as my legs were swollen beyond recognition :) 

Some Hillights & Key Points : 
  • Difficulty level of the Treak > HIGH ! ( for a person of my physique and stamina ) 
  • Terk to Arashinagundi falls is more tough than trek to Kodachadri
  • Know the place well before doing some experiments on unknown routes
  • Water is a key thing - carry as much as possible
  • If you cant carry heavy weight - dont carry big camera bags ( a note for myself for my future trips ) 
  • Either go in as a Trekking person or as a Photographer, dont try to do both ( personal experience it wont work out ) 
  • Food is good both in Kaka shop and in Bhattara mane ( a bit expensive at Kaka shop ) 
  • As always shoes are a key thing any trek - dont compromise on good shoes
  • Anxitely and Stress levels are too high - so try to remain cool and calm through out
  • Though winter it was not as cold/freezy as i expected ( way too better than last months Bharatpur trip wrt climate ) 
  • Place looks like a perfect leech paradise in monsoon - CAREFULL ! 
  • There is no power supply on top - keep camera and phone battery always charged
  • Phone signals were available at only few points

Finally a few points for people heading towards Kodachadri next or for all those who care.

Earlier college guys and techie guys and people who were serioulsy interested in trekking used to visit this place but now due to motarable roads and the publicity this place has got after Galipata movie - this place is infested by all sort of people. The place has started seeing the effects of large scale tourist influx. The trek paths have noticable trails of plastic covers, biscuit and chocolate papers thrown everywhere and also plastic bottles. The summit has more number of liquor bottles disposed than any Bar/Pub in city. People are spoiling the place in the name of trekking and campfire. This place hosts a temple and people are seen disposing veg/non-veg food leftovers and beer cans in front of the temple. Even in the toughest route to Arashinagundi falls i could see chips packets and choco papers thrown here and there which was terribly disturbing. If one is going to this place to enjoy the beauty of this place - come back as you saw it and dont leave any bad impressions or trails from your end.  Please keep the place clean for future.

Thu, 25th Dec. 2008, 19:21
- The Beauty of Bangalore -


I might be really sarcastic whilst writing the subject for this post but i am totally pissed off with what I have been seeing over the past few days on the way to office. I take the Anandrao Circle - K R Circle road everyday morning to drop my mom to her workplace before i head towards mine. I take this road each and every day and am just used to the beauty of this streach of road. What i noticed on 15th morning was really shocking. The trees on the entire streach of the road have been chopped off overnight. I first had an assumption that only few trees will be impacted because of the road widening thing that is going on - but as days go on what was once a ~1 to 1.5km streach of road with canopy of huge old trees on both side has now become a barren road with hardly any plants left on the road. And all these things seem to have happened in a matter of few days and most probably looks like has been carried out during the night time. The chain saws have mercylessly brought down trees few of which without doubt are more than double my age. Yes - We need better infrastructre, we need better roads, we need better transportation facilities, we need lesser traffic congestion but doesnt mean that Govt can go ahead and take such sick decisions of chopping down the trees on the entire road to widen the road. One straight forward impact i have noticed due to this is rise in temperature (yes i drive on this road everyday and this change is very much noticable) and difficulty of motorists in driving on this road. The road being one way faces east, and the drive at 9am in the morning which used be relaxed and calm because of trees now makes the rising sun glare at the drivers eyes making it difficult to concentrate on the vehicle in front of us. Its all done and no cribbing on blogs and newspapers and no protests from any sort of people will bring back the glory to this road.

And this is just the begining - i wonder what will be the situation if the trees on Nanda road (and lot of others) are cut for the proposed Metro.

Wed, 24th Dec. 2008, 23:53
- Merry Christmas -

Wish you all a very
Merry Christmas

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